BIS – Voluntary Self Disclosure (VSD) policy uppdaterad

Publicerat: 19.01.2024

BIS har nyligen uppdaterat sin policy avseende självanmälan, Voluntary Self Disclosure (VSD) policy:  Voluntary Self-Disclosure (

Förändringarna syftar till att effektivisera BIS arbete och utnyttjande av myndighetens resusers genom att minska den adminstrativa bördan gällande VSD för mindre eller tekniska förseelser. BIS ändringar är fyra till antalet:

(1) for minor or technical violations – i.e., those without aggravating factors – we’re asking industry to bundle them together and send us a single overarching submission on a quarterly basis;

(2) for minor or technical violations, companies can now submit an abbreviated “narrative account” that focuses only on the most immediate violation and does not need to include a five-year lookback or the accompanying documentation outlined in our regulations, unless we specifically request it in an individual case;

(3) we’re urging submission of VSDs by email rather than hard copy; and

(4) we’ve clarified – and simplified – the process for how we handle 764 requests to take corrective action for getting unlawfully exported items back into the lawful stream of commerce.